COVID-19 Update

See our March 12 announcement about the impact of COVID-19 on Our Daily Bread.

COVID-19 Questions

  1. Is the St. Thomas Episcopal Church campus open? Is Our Daily Bread serving meals?
    • The St. Thomas campus is open ONLY to allow ODB to operate. This means it is open for daily food deliveries, for M-W-F food preparation, and for diners to pick up food on M-W-F.
    • Until further notice, ODB is serving ONLY “take-out” or “to-go” meals that diners pick up and take elsewhere to eat.
  2. Does ODB need more volunteers? If so, are there any restrictions on who can volunteer?
    • Not at this time. For everyone’s safety we want to use the minimum number of people. (See question 5, Example #1, below.)
  3. Does ODB need food? Can I drop off food I have?
    • We don’t need food at this time. The number of diners is down and we are still getting large quantities from Trader Joe’s and our other regular supermarket donors. We do not want people to drop off any food at this time, in order to minimize possible contact with the virus.
  4. Does ODB follow Santa Clara County regulations for food safety? Is the Health Department and/or Second Harvest monitoring ODB’s compliance?
    • Yes, ODB follows county regulations for food safety. And yes, there are regular checks made by the County’s Health Department and Second Harvest. We are not aware of any new food regulations or inspections being added as a result of COVID-19.
    • The County’s Public Health Department has recently ordered all businesses to create and post a Social Distancing Protocol on the doors of their facilities. Ours was posted and implemented April 3.
  5. Will ODB be shut down if a volunteer or diner tests positive for COVID-19?
    • ODB will develop a response if/when this happens. That response will take into account the specifics of the person who tests positive. Every attempt will be made to keep ODB operating, but public health safety will be our #1 priority.
    • Example #1: If a volunteer tests positive, we may ask other volunteers who had contact with that person to self quarantine and get new volunteers to fill in.
    • Example #2: If a diner tests positive, the situation is likely to be more complicated — known volunteers and unknown diners will have been exposed. In this case we would need guidance from the County Health Department. Every attempt will be made keep ODB operating in some fashion while dealing with the exposure in a responsible way.
  6. A recent letter said ODB costs are increasing as a result of the packaging required for “take-out” meals. And that as a result of this along with a drop in donations, ODB is having to use its cash reserves to maintain the program. Is there a point where ODB runs out of money or considers scaling down in some way?
    • We will be watching our financial reserves closely. If we see a trend that implies draining those reserves in the near future, we will look for ways to modify the operation in order to sustain the fundamental purpose of the program — provide nutritious meals to those in need without qualification.