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Our Daily Bread Financial Information

ODB Expenses — 2020

Total: $199,029

ODB Sources of Income — 2020

Total: $295,882

Financial Notes
  • Staff consisted of a Program Director and an Administrative Assistant, both part-time employees. A Case Worker from Sunnyvale Community Services was on site until the pandemic.
  • Food costs represent only 17% of our expenses due to generous in-kind donations from several local businesses. (This is up from last year because of the added costs of to-go meals.) Managing this supply of food adds to staffing costs, but the total cost is lower and the food quality is higher.
  • ODB strives to keep its total per-meal cost below $3. We did not meet this goal in 2020 — high fixed costs were spread over a pandemic-reduced number of meals.
  • ODB spends less than 0.3% on fundraising.
  • The largest source of income is from individuals.
Financial planning is always a challenge, but our generous donors continue to keep us financially healthy.